How to Handle Reservation Price Changes

If a reservation request was submitted and the price was incorrect, you can easily change the price. Any price changes that are higher than the original amount require approval in our system from the camper. Here’s how it works.
Step 1: Click the Modify Price button the reservation you’d like to change.
Step 2: Enter in the correct subtotal amount, tax amount, and if the camper qualifies for a discount amount.

Step 3: Click the Save button. If you didn’t increase the price, you can go ahead and approve the reservation.

Skip to Step 5 if the price was lower.
Step 4: If the price was higher than the original one, we send the camper an email and text message letting them know how to approve it.

Step 5: Once they approve the reservation, you’ll be notified. You’ll need to click Approve to confirm the booking.

That’s it! Editing the price takes just a few steps.
If you have any questions or feedback, just email us at