FAQ For Campground Managers

What is RoverPass?

RoverPass is a campsite directory being browsed by tens of thousands of campers looking for parks to stay at on their next trip. 

Is my campground on RoverPass?

 Most likely yes! We've pulled our data from all around the web to create as complete of a directory as possible. 

Can I edit my listing? 

Absolutely. Simply claim your campground from the directory and you will be able to log in and edit: photos, amenities, prices, hours, and much more!

How do reservations work through RoverPass?

A claimed listing is capable of receiving reservation requests from our campers. These requests include: dates of stay, party size, rig details, and contact info. They are sent to you instantly via Email and optional SMS text. They simply need to be reviewed and accepted by your front desk. We can get all this set up for you(for free!) in about 10 minutes. Click the "Click Here For Help" box in the corner to schedule a time. 

Are they booked after they send a request? What if I'm full? 

Absolutely not. In addition to all the campers information will be a button to "Accept" and a button to "Reject". Either button will send an automatic reply from our system letting the camper know that their reservation has been accepted or rejected. You will never have to worry about double bookings, and you and your front desk will always be in complete control of who books through RoverPass. 

What does it cost? 

Believe it or not - RoverPass is completely free for campgrounds. We charge members a small service fee to book through our platform. The campground receives the same rate it would if the camper had contacted you directly.